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By Maria Zabala Peña at: englishforeso@yahoo.es or mariazabalapena@gmail.com. For ESL without photocopies go to my other blog HERE

New!! VIDEO BLOGS on English for Communications and on English for Office Applications (Computers). See links below.

English for Communications. Click HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.
English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Spell it!

Spell It with Merriam -Webster

10 quick questions to check your spelling abilities. 
Level: Intermediate and upper

  • Listen to the word in context
  • Spell it 
  • See how your skills compare to the crowd
Click HERE to start the quiz 

Hotels of the future. What will they be like? Reading/Speaking Task

Adapt the speed of text in telemprompter to the reading abilities of your students
Level: Intermediate and upper


  • A teleprompter (see link below), and a projector 
  • The text below to copy and paste into  the teleprompter  

Sources of texts (adapted):

  • Teacher copies and pastes the text into a TELEPROMPTER.
  • Teacher tells students they are going to read about hotels of the future. Students need to retain as much information as they can. 
  • Students work in pairs  (A and B)
1.      Start the teleprompter
2.      A reads while B sits facing the wall.
3.      Stop the teleprompter
4.      A tells B what he/she has  read
5.      Start the teleprompter 
6.      B reads while  A sits facing the wall
7.      Stop the teleprompter
8.      B tells A what he/she has read
9.      Students read the whole text on the teleprompter. What information did they miss?

Click Here to access a Teleprompter
This is the text to copy and paste into the teleprompter:

  1. Fully sustainable. Hotels won’t be “eco-friendly” but rather fully sustainable, using solar and geothermal energy and non-toxic products to produce carbon-neutral footprints.
  2. There will be room keys that use facial recognition.
  3. Televisions  will talk back.
  4. Gourmet genomics means that  meals will be custom-designed, with a unique diet and nutrition menu based on an individual’s DNA.
  5. Customers will find touch screen surfaces everywhere.
  6. Bathrooms will  have smart toilets that release perfume when needed and use self-sanitizing techniques.  


  1.  There will be mirrors that stream real-time television content.
  2. 3D printer will be everywhere. Forgot something? 3D printers will be able to generate items such as clothes, toiletries and even computers in real time.    
  3.  Neuro-dreaming means that guests will have access to neuro-technology to program their dreams, choosing from a “dream theme” to relax, enhance, learn or enjoy.
  1.  Customers will be offered wireless temperature controls that are able to automatically adjust to body temperature
  2. Robot butlers or concierges can be programmed with special skills, languages and information to help improve the hotel experience for guests.
  3. Sensors attuned to guests wishes regarding temperature, type of music, temperature of the bed…