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English for Communications. Click HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.
English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Trade Fair: Role-play

Click HERE to download  the materials

a) Sellers: Wholesalers at a trade fair  

b) Buyers/clients:  Department store managers who attend the fair to buy products for the company they represent 

a) Banknotes  
b) Client role- play cards 
c) Wholesalers role-play cards 
d) Invoice templates
e) Sales record templates
f) Teacher’s pack

General Overview-level:
One of the 7 wholesalers' cards
This is a mingling role-play. Some of the students are department store managers who attend a Trade Fair in Chicago. Other students are wholesalers at the fair. The sellers offer 7 different kinds of products.  The department store managers shop around to buy products for their store. Wholesalers provide the managers with their invoice.
Click HERE to download  the materials


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    Anonymous said...

    Maria, great lesson--I adapted it a bit for my class, but it went over really well! Thanks!