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English for Communications. Click HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.
English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Factory tasks and vocabulary with a fun angle. Extension: Betty Botter Tongue Twister

This ad belongs to a series created by Anchor dairy. The slogan  of the campaign is “Made by Cows”, which advertisers take in a literal sense.

The spot provides a light-hearted look at butter production. Animals  are  making butter in a human fashion.

To download the materials, click the linkS below.

Aim 1: students watch a "fun" video of workers (cows actually) working at a factory.
Aim 2: extension. Students practice pronunciation by reading a buttery tongue twister NEW!!

Suggested procedure:
  •  Elicit vocabulary related to factory tasks before watching the video. 
  •  Students watch the video and describe the processes/write down the process. 
Sample language:
Cows cross the gate while supervised by the factory guard, who is at the lodge.
Cows clock on/ clock in.
Cow with white helmet pushes a lever and sets machine to work.

You can download the materials for the Ad  by clicking HERE

You can download the materials for the EXTENSION  by clicking HERE

Materials for the AD:
  • The commercial:  You can watch the video online or donwload it to your USB.
  • Teacher's help:  You can download the sequence of actions I have written to help you remember what the cows are doing throughout the ad.  
You can download the materials for the Ad by clicking HERE

    Thanks to Stephanie Williams, speaker at the 2012 British Council Conference in Barcelona, for providing me with this idea.    

    EXTENSION:  Aim: students have fun while listening and reading the Betty Botter bought some butter tongue twister

    Click  HERE  to download the materials for the Extension

     Materials for the Extension : 
    • The Better Botter tongue twister (you can just project it on the whiteboard)
    • Teachers instructions
    • Internet access if you want students to listen to the words using the Howjsay page or use the Teleprompter.Remember that you  should download the videos to your memory stick  from the link I provide.Do this if your school connection is not reliable or internet access to youtube is limited due to school policies.
    Find below a summary of the instructions. Click HERE   if you want to download the materials for this extension. You can also download the videos from the link I provide. This is the tongue twister:


    Suggested procedure.
    Pre-reading tasks
    A) Key words
    If you are not a native speaker you may want your students to hear the similar sounding sounds by using the Howjsay page by clicking HERE and introducing the words:

    Bitter, butter, batter, better,
    You may want your students to be aware of the different IPA symbols:
     Bitter                  butter,          batter,             better,
      bɪtə                  bʌtə              ˈbætə             ˈbetə 

    Go HERE if you need to transcribe any other words  

    B) Model the pronunciation.
    You may want to use this video for modelling the pronunciation. This teacher of English reads the poem several times at different speeds. I suggest you stop after the second  reading. 

    Remember that if your connection is not reliable, you can download the videos by clicking HERE  

    C) Students  practice the pronunciation in pairs

    D) Students listen to a rap song based on this children's tongue twister . This song has been adapted by an English teacher called Henry III.

    Allow the students to listen to the song. Student should join in in second 0:59, just after the singer says 'll get on with it.

    If you wan to see the lyrics of the full song, remember that all materials for the Extension  are available by clicking  HERE

      Remember that  by using a teleprompter you can copy and paste any text so that the students read it at the speed you want them to!!
      You may use this teleprompter  HERE

      Thanks to Christine Wilson, our teacher trainier at the British Council 2013 workshop for providing me with this idea.


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