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By Maria Zabala Peña at: englishforeso@yahoo.es or mariazabalapena@gmail.com. For ESL without photocopies go to my other blog HERE

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English for Communications. Click HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.
English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Shopping in the near future: BBC TECHNOLOGY INTERACTIVE PAGE

Level: Lower intermediate and upper
Objective: Students read and learn about shopping in the future
Materials: the provided interactive  link HERE  (BBC technology)
  • Ask students this question
How  will shopping in the future be different/differ from shopping today ?
  • Elicit the following  categories  from the students. They will  not use these words (see below) when they predict shopping habits  in the future  but elicit the ideas so that  they can explain the words to each other afterwards:   Digital changing rooms, facial recognition, contactless payment, virtual stores, 3D painting, robotic assistants, on-demand delivery (drones), smart labels, information about clients (minority report) 
  • Ask students to explain each category  to each other
  • Have students  compare their definitions with the explanations provided on the web. You may want to print the explanations (this page has copyright so I can't print it and make it downloadable) 
  • Elicit specific vocabulary from the texts 
  • Ask student to imagine  what  the shopping experience will be like  70 or 80 years from now. 

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