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English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Color blind people feelings

Level:  Intermediate and upper 
Idea and Materials: Gerard McLoughlin at the 2016  Barcelona  British Council Workshop
  1. Ask students to take the test (video  in A )
  2. Ask students to write how different color blind people  may feel  
  3. Show students the  Valspar Glasses videos for blind people   (video  in C )
  4. Ask students to match the sentence and speaker: Keith Andrew Atlee  Chris
  5. Start discussion by using prompt questions in section E 
 A)  Test: Are you color blind?   (Length. 1 min.33 ss)


B) Imagine: How may these  color blind people feel? 
1 a  young father  and looking at  his kid’s paintings
2 a  young  girl  shopping with friends
3 a  young man and his own feelings
C) Valspar glasses for blind color people   (Length. 3 min.52 ss)

Depending on the level of the students you may read the sentences  below (D)before watching the video.

D) Ask students:

Keith                   Andrew                         Atlee              Chris
I  stopped painting and  drawing

I  felt self – conscious about it

I  wish I  could see how  they put the colors together

This is amazing

I’ve never been able  to see this one

Is this what you guys see every day 

I  don’t want to take them off. People take it for granted   

E) Food for thought

  • Have you ever  stopped doing things because of what other people may say?
  • Were you aware of the problems color blind  people endure?  Can you name some of their problems?
  • Can you think of other people who may face other or similar problems? Who? How?

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