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Complaints - write a letter of complaint

write a letter of complaint after watching two videos about faulty products
Faulty Bike (1 minute) and Faulty Xbox (2 minutes)

Purpose: write a complaint letter

Language items: 
students need to be familiar with vocabulary and sentence structures related to complaints.
To pre-teach this vocabulary you may want to check the following lesson plan (HERE)

Procedure: students are given a choice of 2 videos which show problems that customers can encounter when they buy a faulty product.

One of them is about a bike that falls apart.
The other is about a faulty xbox.

The student needs to imagine that he/she is the customer in one of those situations.

Student's task: write a polite letter of complaint to the supplier or manufacturer of the faulty bike or the malfunctioning Xbox

Two"complaint  videos
Option 1. See them underneath.
Option 2. If problems arise,   you can see them  HERE.   Choose the videos entitled "letter writing: ..."
Option  3. If you do not have internet connection in your classroom, you can DOWNLOAD the videos to your USB pen. These videos are available at my google site HERE. No password needed.

You may use this video about a BIKE THAT FALLS APART

If you students are IT oriented, you may use this video about  PROBLEMS WITH AN  XBOX.

Instructions for students:

While you listen to the video, do not forget to write down the vocabulary and expressions that you will need for your letter

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