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Blame Ms. Stinky

Purpose:  revise verbs related to office tasks for clerical studies.
Past simple fun drill. This activity has been designed to fit the syllabus of students in administration management courses.

Level: lower intermediate and upper

Language items: students need to know some verbs related to the field of office tasks and some general English verbs and vocabulary. The provided list is very long. Teachers may just select the sentences that fit their syllabus.


a) photo of an ugly person. You may use the Google image search to find one or show the picture I provide below. You can either show it by using the Over Head Projector or by printing the provided word document.

b) a print out of sentences for the teacher.

Procedure: tell students that Ms. Stinky works with them and that she is very inefficient. Everything that goes wrong in the office is her fault. As opposed to Ms. Stinky, your students are very efficient. If things are properly done, they are the ones who did the job.

Teacher: Did you send this beautiful fax?
Students: Yes I did. I sent that beautiful fax.
Teacher: Did you say the boss was ugly?
Students: No I didn’t. Ms. Stinky said the boss was ugly. 
Download the document with sentences for your students: click HERE

Ms. Stinky, the inefficient colleague


ingrid said...

I love Ms. Stinky, it's good to have someone to blame! I think I'll use this activity in class. Thank you!!

Lindasy Rosenwald said...
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Jane said...

Sounds like a good and fun way to teach language!
Thank you so much for sharing this method.