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How to win any argument

Level: lower intermediate to high
According to these two youngsters,  to win an argument you need to speak little, manipulate others and more. You will certainly find their advice interesting and even useful.

Listen to their advice and answer the questions below.

If you need the scriptvocabulary help HERE
If you want to download  the video click HERE   

Video Source: Videojug.
Go to videojug video  here:   How to win any argument  or watch the video in my blog, underneath


       1. According to this video, success  depends  a great deal  on the way you talk or on how much you talk.
a)      What do you think about these statements?
b)      Why is silence so important?

     2. You might have found some of these tip/ advice rough or improper. Mention them and state your reasons.

       3. Surely you have had arguments with your relatives, friends or other people. Could you explain  how  you felt and reacted?

Questions by Isabel Salinas and  María Zabala Peña

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