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Street Signs: How would you group them?

Aim:  the aim of this task is to decide how you would
group these street signs.

Attention! There is no correct answer. The most important thing is that you use English to decide how to group these street signs.

Use these language items:

  • I think we could create a category called...
  • The Drunken man can go under the category...
  • I think the category.... is better
  • We could create a new category called
  • How about including the street sign ... under the category...?
Once finished, compare your distribution/categories with other teams'

  • What categories did you create?
  • Where did you include the sign of...

    1 comment:

    converting flv to mp4 said...

    umm... i think signs number 2,3,4 can be grouped as 'animal warnings', signs 1 and 6 - 'humans warnings' and 7 and 5 - 'random'