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Ted Talk: The shared experience of absurdity

Don't miss Charlie Todds entertaining  talk about sharing experiencies.

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1. Charlie Todd tells us about some of his theater performances in New York. How does this type of theater differ from the traditional theater you know? Have you heard of /seen similar performances in your city?

2. Regarding the no-pants underground performance, Mr.Todd says “ And I love that moment in this video, because before it became a shared experience, it was something that was maybe a little bit scary, or something that was at least confusing to her. And then once it became a shared experience, it was funny and something that she could laugh at

How can sharing an experience change the way in which we live that experience?

3. Can you explain the differences between gathering in a stadium to watch a football match and sharing a mass performance?

4. Would you like to take part in one of these performances? Explain why you would or you wouldn’t do it?

Questions by Isabel Salinas and myself, María Zabala Peña


Employee Training said...

That was a very inspiring video you have....I guess I'm gonna be joining your next year's no pant on the train. :)

Grace Lane said...

The video posted is great. I'm not quite sure about the difference between the traditional theater and this one, but still I'm a great fan of all kinds of theatrical performances, so, it was great to watch the vid.