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By Maria Zabala Peña at: englishforeso@yahoo.es or mariazabalapena@gmail.com. For ESL without photocopies go to my other blog HERE

New!! VIDEO BLOGS on English for Communications and on English for Office Applications (Computers). See links below.

English for Communications. Click HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.
English for Office Applications (Computers). Click. HERE. By Beatriz Papaseit Fernández and myself, María Zabala Peña.

Show and Tell: Cultural Awareness. Culture with small C.

Aim:  Learn culture (with small C)  through language
  • Students choose a topic from provided list or suggest a topic of their interest
  • Everyclass/week one or two students present their topic
  • Teacher insists that these presentations should be short ( about 2 minutes) and to the point.  
This is a list of possible topics:
Jack'-o-Lantern      Simon says    Boxing day   Heckling   Peekaboo  Kermesse

Pancake day  (ShroveTuesday)   Nolliwood   Limerick (literature)   Club/ BLT (food)

M16   Lollipop Lady   Square Mile   Fracturing (geology)   A baker's dozen

Luddite   The Proms   Great British Bake off   Fear of FOMO   Toff Vs. Chavs

Glastonbury   Crumpet   Poppy day   Red Nose day   The Shard   Conkers

Big Issue   Ale   National Trust   Essex girl   Graceland    Geek  SAT exam

Ivy league   Black Friday   Sillicon Valley /Palo Alto   The ig noble prize

Uncle Sam,  The Hansard, Anna Wintour   John Doe  Ted Talks  Redneck  Hajj

Thanks to Maggie Hawes, my teacher Trainer in Barcelona, British Council 2015, for  inspiring me to start this task with my students.
Course I took: UK Today: Sharing Culture through Language

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