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Describing art. Painting. Starry Night by Van Gogh

Level: Lower intermediate and higher
Video Length:  3m 5s
Author: Saylor Foundation
Source: Youtube
If you want to see the work of the Saylor Foundation,  you can access their web HERE

If you want to download this video, you can do it from my site  HERE

  • Part 1. From minute 00:00 to minute 2:30: This section of the video  is a good, basic model that allows students to learn how to present a  painting. 
  •  Part 2. From minute 2:30 till end: This  section of the video answers the following question:

What is the objective of art?  
          You may ask your students to take notes and write  a short composition answering that question

Before watching the video, make sure you know what these words mean.

Verbs: To take up,To dominate,To tower over, To swirl,To be in motion,To seem to,To look like, 
To rise above.
Nouns: Brush stroke, steeple
Expressions of location:In the foreground, On the upper right


Now listen to the song Starry Night by Don Mclean HERE


You have seen a video and heard a song describing Van Gogh work.

In both of them you have heard and seen words related to colours and movement.
   Can you mention them?
2       Could you prepare an oral description a painting  by an artist of your choice?

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